Diagnostics from Edoceo - How They Help

Putting the affordable and effective Edoceo early-warning system of viral or bacterial infections into everyday scenarios can be considered an essential step in risk prevention.

What sets Edoceo apart is our biosensors’ ability to give rapid warnings of specific infectious outbreaks, enabling early treatments and solutions that can save production facilities and the health care system billions of dollars and, we believe, save lives.

The Edoceo detection sensors, which offers rapid test results, enables sampling to be repeated as many times as needed, at an affordable cost for our A-Detect™ and our B-Detect™ and V-Detect™ products will be a fraction of the cost of other bacteria or virus testing systems, which can also take hours or days to deliver results. 

Edoceo sensors can provide critical information for many applications, including monitoring and controlling disease outbreaks in our water and food supply systems. Edoceo sensors can alert to serious bacterial outbreaks in key animal husbandry industries, such as aquaculture, which loses billions of dollars every year to disease – and in the process dramatically reduce the current systemic reliance on antibiotics. Edoceo devices can also monitor excessive bacterial growth in industrial equipment for food production, making food processing facilities, as well as oil and water pipelines, safer and more reliable every day.

Our sensors can even be used easily and non intrusively by pet owners and veterinarians to quickly diagnose when pets are suffering from a serious infection and need treatment.    

*Breaking News* As a potential bonus to investors, having secured substantial access to supplies, we are also commencing commercialization of a rapid (< 17 minutes), simple, saliva-based antigen test kit for the coronavirus testing – Edoceo A-Detect™.

At Edoceo we make sensors for life. To create a safer world for us all.

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