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Edoceo Devices

The Rapid, Affordable & Accurate COVID-19 & Bacterial Testing Systems

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Please read the Offering Circular before making an investment decision. 

Offering Circular

Edoceo Devices is an emerging med-tech & biotech American company with an experienced Management Team with Exclusive and Groundbreaking Technology, that could Help in the fight against COVID-19 – as well as Future Viral and Bacterial Threats to our families and our normal way of life. The priority is finalizing the development and marketing of these technologies to produce two proprietary point-of-need detection biosensors - with the goal of providing essential rapid early warning to the presence of pathogens:  

Edoceo B-Detect and V-Detect have the potential to change the world of rapid, portable, affordable, and accurate testing for pathogens including virulent bacteria and the presence of a range of viruses.

These innovative detection platforms are being developed for the aquaculture, veterinary, health care, food processing and home monitoring markets, amongst others – Edoceo detection devices are based on the work led by our Chief Science Officer, the Multi-Award-Winning Dr. Kenneth Reardon - and in collaboration with scientists at Colorado State University for technology exclusively licensed to Edoceo after many years of research. 


COVID-19 has taught us that we need to be better prepared so we can confront and conquer emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and bacterial threats with calm confidence.  

We at Edoceo Devices in the USA are excited to have these exclusive technologies ready for late-stage development and commercialization. We now need the help of the American people to bring these simple and effective first-defense detection devices into production – giving early investors a great opportunity to be part of an American solution to viral and bacterial threats. Imagine what an important difference we could make together for a better future for us and our families… Join us in this battle, by becoming stakeholders in Edoceo Devices! 

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Edoce Devices' Management Team


Mr. Reum has 40 years of senior executive leadership of both public &private companies. He has played many key management roles in the financing of enterprises... 
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Ms. Keith has been a Chief Financial Officer for private and public companies listed on the TSX Venture and the Frankfurt exchanges. In addition, Ms. Keith held a senior... 
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Dr. Reardon is Professor and Jud and Pat Harper Chair of Chemical and Biological Engineering and holds joint appointments in several other programs at CSU including Cell and... 
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Mike Kao

VP Finance

Mr. Kao is a partner of WDM Chartered Professional Accountants, a Vancouver-based firm with over 30 years experience. Mike is proficient with both ...
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